Friday, September 11, 2009

Pactra Paint (USA)

Pactra (USA) RC Paint (Spray/Acrylic) In Stock!!!

(America's best-selling R/C hobby paint for lexan bodyshell)

There are 10 new exciting colors add in to the "Spray Paint" from RC295 - Atomic Rust to RC304 - Backing Black which are in stock now as well as the others old colors.
Also, we are now carrying Pactra Acrylic Paints for airbrush use. Followings are in stock and for your ref.
RC5100 - Black
RC5101 - White
RC5102 - Blue
RC5103 - Green
RC5104 - Red
RC5107 - Yellow
RC5201 - Pearl White
RC5202 - Pearl Blue
RC5211 - Pearl Silver
RC5212 - Pearl Purple
RC5302 - Transparent Blue
RC5303 - Transparent Green
RC5304 - Transparent Red
RC5407 - Fluor. Yellow
RC5416 - Fluor. Orange
RC5502 - Metallic Blue

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