Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ORCA R/C Products

ORCA R/C Products In Stock!!!

ORCA RX-I 11.5T Brushless motor


ORCA presents our new RXI 11.5R burshless motor, gives you the best all round performance brushless motor of any kind, with all the convenience of running a competition brushless motor for all your racing

- Sensored Design
- Timming Adjustabel
- Standard 540 size
- Higher performance

NEW!!! ORCA 5000mAH 45c Lipo Battery (Hard Case)

ORCA release the new 5000mAh 45C competitions Race Pack that is ideal for racing needs of the highest level. Featuring highest overall voltage, longer run time and our durable carbon fibre design etching hard case to protect your LiPo during use.

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