Saturday, January 23, 2010

KO Propo EX-10 EURUS...Arriving Soon!!!

Arriving Soon!!!

Please contact us to Pre-booked one for yourself now.

KO Propo

KO Propo will release the EX-10 Eurus, 2.4GHz pistol grip radio which features the company’s Direct Digital System (D.D.S)

Direct Digital System(D.D.S)
The EX-10 Eurus and RF-902S system is an all-digital communication signal process. The new system employs high-quality communication by removing the data and time loss due to digital to analog conversion. The result is 300% better response when compared to a conventional system. Putting you in control as you imagined it to be.

Function Display:

- Steering, Throttle, Model and Options are displayed in a new program to quickly access the required
- 40 model memory support.
- 3CH and 4CH allow for additional mixing capabilities. 1/5th scale and crawler capabilities are covered similar to full-scale cars.
- Neutral Brake: The transmitter can control the neutral brake or roll at neutral when using a brushless motor.
- The three upper LED lighting on the body of the transmitter can be assigned to features.
- Intelligent Recognition Module

3D Multi Angle Trigger:
A newly designed 3D trigger allows for moving the brake trigger, meaning fingers of different sizes and operation are supported.

Source: KO Propo

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