Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drift Package Body Shell arrived!

Drift Body restock!!!!! Please hurry to reserve yours.

SD-1093BS (1093SPEED S14 Silvia Bodyshell)

SD-AE86BS (AE86 Bodyshell)

SD-BLBS (BLITZ ER34 Bodyshell)

SD-DM13BS (One Via Bodyshell)

SD-GDBBS (Yuke's Cusco w/ Advan Impreza Bodyshell)

SD-IS220BS (IS 220 Bodyshell)

SD-JZXBS (Street Version JZX100 Bodyshell)

SD-JZZBS (Street Version Soarer Bodyshell)

SD-KUBS (Kunnys Chaser Bodyshell)

SD-PS13BS (Street Version S13 Silvia Bodyshell)

SD-REABS (RX-7 RE Amemiya Bodyshell)

SD-S15BS (Street Version S15 Silvia Bodyshell)

SD-SR86BS (SunRise 86 Bodyshell)

SD-TSBS (Top Secret S15 Bodyshell)

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