Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Protoform Body ( 190mm and 200mm) back in stock.

Dear R/C fans, the ever popular ProtoFORM bodies are back in stock. Please contact us for price and details.


1490-00  DNA3 200mm body
1466-00  Mazda6 200mm body
1521-30  P56N 200mm body
1520-30  R5-N 200mm body

1465-11  Mazda6 LW 190mm body
1505-25  LTC-R LW 190mm body
1487-11  Speed6 LW 190mm body

1505-30  LTC-R 190mm body
1487-00  Speed6 190mm body

1498-00 R9-R 190mm body 

Arriving later this week.

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