Monday, July 26, 2010

Release Note on MR4TC-SD CM car kit

Designed for the top level racing in the R/C industry by the top R/C manufacturer, MR4TC-SD series of racing cars have been met with praises since its release back in 2003.  From 2005 onwards, Yokomo has promoted this platform to R/C Drift and proven that this platform is both versatile and successful in R/C drift.  With a commanding lead in R/C Drift, Yokomo has further enhanced the SD platform with various option parts and chassis refinements.

Through the cooperation with Team Yokomo Japan, Hobby Haven Sdn. Bhd. is bringing the successful MR4TC-SD CM car kit into the market to cater for Touring and Drift applications.  With the development of LiPO batteries, Yokomo has updated the chassis to cater for the box/square type LiPO batteries.  This is the PERFECT choice for drivers who are racing in touring class as well as drifting.  

For the SSGP (Super Scale Grand Prix) racers, MR4TC-SD CM offers the range of gear ratios* to suit the Yokomo SS48 motors.  With the industrial standard hex wheel hub, MR4TC-SD CM can accept all types of touring and drift wheels. 

The included spool sets (4 pieces) allow the immediate conversion of the car kit to drift setting without the need to purchase additional parts.  With the latest trend for counter-steer (C.S.) style of drifting, Yokomo has released overdrive conversion kit (Option parts D-048 and D-051) for changing the over-drive ratio of the rear wheels.  In order to further enhance the turning angle of the front wheels, drifters can opt for the Type-C conversion kit (Option part D-074) which upgrades the kit to full-spec Drift Package Plus Type-C car kit.

MR4TC-SD CM will be bringing the best out-of-the-box experience to the mass market.  With the best support in after sales replacement parts and optional parts in the industry, MR4TC-SD CM will keep you running instead of waiting for parts.  

FEATURES:**   High Efficiency Shaft-Driven Full-Time 4WD System (Sealed Gear Case)   Complete Ball Bearings Set   High-Strength Composite Molded Chassis   4 Wheel Independent Double-Wishbone Suspension System with Adjustable I-Arm  Oil-filled Shock Absorbers   Turnbuckle Tie-Rods for Adjustable Alignment   Universal Drive Shafts (Front only)   Solid Axle (Front) and Ball Differential (Rear) for improved controllability  Die-cast Aluminum Clamping Motor Mount 
SPECIFICATIONS: ●Overall Length: 387mm ●Overall Width: 198mm ●Wheelbase: 258mm (adjustable) ●Internal Drive Ratio: 2.35:1
Additional Required Items (Sold Separately):   2-Channel Radio System with Speed Controller  7.2V Battery  Charger  Motor  Car Body  Wheels and Tires

Hobby Haven Sdn. Bhd., established since 1997, has been representing Team Yokomo Japan for product distribution in Malaysia and Singapore for over 13 years.  In 2009, Hobby Haven Sdn. Bhd. is appointed as the official distributor for Thailand. (Corporate Website: ; Blogs: & )

Notes: *Optional part D-024 Lightweight Spur Gear Adapter is required. 
** Features and Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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