Thursday, July 29, 2010

Revision of prices on ORCA products

In view of the support from our customers, ORCA has devised a way to show their appreciation to Malaysian customers: revision of prices for their products which include ESC Combo, VRITRA ESC with Programming Card, LiPO Batteries.  This is a great news.

It is not a surprising move from a new company like ORCA.  The company is relatively new in R/C industry and they have moved slowly, but steadily, to improve their products and eventually gained the confidence of customers.  Although their ESC were having some hiccups during the recent TITC 2010, ORCA quickly rectified the software of their VRITRA ESC.  Within weeks, they have improved their software and it delivered improved performance, variable timings, turbo, with proven race results.  And upgrades of the software was performed by the factory FREE of CHARGE which include the entire shipping cost from our office to their factory.  This is a company which aspire to deliver the best in customer service and support.

Please contact us for further details.

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