Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mumeisha Paint, EXPLAINED.

Dear Drivers,
We have received some complaints recently from users of Mumeisha R/C Polycarbonate Spray Paint products regarding its applications.  We had had a visit from their engineer from the factory recently and done joint tests together.

This is what we have found:
a) There is no need for "boiling" the spray paint can as it will not do anything.
b) Due to the formulation of the paint, it is advised to spray your car body in 3 separate layers.  These are thin layers and you need to have at least 3 minutes drying time in between these 3 layers.
c) The color outcome is satisfactory for all the colors that we have tested.  
d) After drying for more than 30 minutes, there was no peeling and "flaking" of the paint from the test car body.  We managed to squeezed it, threw it against walls, and deformed it.  The paint was still sticking well to the car body.
e) It is important to wash the car body and allow it to dry properly before applying 1st layer of paint.

We are happy with we have seen and tested.  The result of the paint is satisfactory and should post no issues in the consumer market.   However, we have received feedback from customers that another Japanese brand of paint is better and easier in application.  We would like to clarify that Mumiesha spray paint is not an inferior product but rather a different product which has different requirement in its application.  In addition to that, Mumeisha product carries more value as it comes in a much bigger can which contains more paint inside.  The price is similar to the price of the Japanese brand.  Even after spraying for 3 layers, you can manage to keep it for your next 2 car body projects. :-)  But please bear in mind that Mumeisha is rather new in the market and the product will continue to be improved.  But at this stage, we would say that their spray paint products are satisfactory and we hope that our customers will follow their recommendations in the applications and support them.

If there are problems with Mumeisha products you have purchased, please contact us for further details.  Thanks for your time.

Mumeisha Company History taken from their company website:
Hong Kong KALEN International Co.,Ltd. 
    It is Hongkong-Japanese joint venture. Japan Fukkol Lubricants Corporation is engaged in the field of industrial lubricating oil with 15-year experience. The market share is stable for its advanced technology. Established in 1993, Hongkong Gelin International Co., Ltd. set up Dongguan Fukkol Lubricants Co., Ltd. in 1996, relying on stable development of international trade network.
    Mumeisha has been committed itself to the development and research of lubricants for remote models, karts, and civil cars since its establishment with its noticeable achievement of maintaining oils for remote cars, remote planes and remote ships. The company was entitled hundreds of patents of lubricating tech and supplies about 1000 specifications of lubricating oils for all demands.

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