Saturday, October 23, 2010

ABC Hobby Body and Accessories arriving next week.

New products arriving next week. ABC HOBBY.

ABC66007 : 190mm Failady 240Z  
ABC66081 : 195mm Skyline PGC10 GTR
ABC66083 : 190mm Estima Sporty
ABC66088 : 190mm Skyline 2000 GT-R
ABC66092 : 190mm Lancer EVO III
ABC66095 : 190mm Mazda Savanna Coupe GT
ABC66124 : 190mm Honda Integra Type-R
ABC66125 : 200mm Mazda RX3 Racing Verion
ABC66205 : Mirror Set Type II/Black
ABC66210 : Extension Body Post - White
ABC66211 : Extension Body Post - Red
ABC66212 : Extension Body Post - Yellow
ABC66213 : Extension Body Post - Blue

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