Saturday, November 20, 2010

NEW ARRIVAL ... ORCA Infinite 60C 6000mah & 60C 5500mah Lipo Batteries

Infinite 60C 5500mah

Infinite 60C 6000mah

Some info about new batteries :

The height of the new 60C 6000mah is about the same as the previous 50C 5500mah while the weight has gone up slightly, from 296g to 304g (approx.)

While for racers who are looking for a thinner alternative, ORCA do have the 60C 5500mah which will be about 1.5-2mm thinner than the  60C 6000mah. They would weight about 2-5g lighter than the previous 50C 5500mah.

Infinite 60C 6000mah
Height : approx. 24mm
Weight : approx. 304gram

Infinite 60C 5500mah
Height : approx. 22.5mm
Weight : approx. 290gram

Infinite 50C 5500mah
Height : approx. 24mm
Weight : approx. 296gram 

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