Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Race report from KS Chu

There were around 60 racers that joined Drift Touring, Mod class and Stock class in this race. Race was started a bit late as the track was in a wet condition due to the overnight rain. Just after the 1st qualifying, heavy rain poured again . It's took around 2 hours for the rain to stop and the track to fully dried up.

I was not lucky enough for my stock qualifying .I was at the 6th position in A main for stock due to lack of speed from my car while in my mod class, i managed to qualify in 3rd position.

MOD Class Final Position
TQ - WIrawan
1. WIrawan - HB TCX
2. KS Chu - Yokomo BD5WR
3. Ratieno - Xray T311

Stock Class Final Position
TQ - Wirawan
1. Wirawan - HB TCX
2. Daud - Tamiya 416x
3. Hj Abu - Yokomo BD5 WR
4. KS Chu - Yokomo BD5W

We only manage to run 1 final for each class as the sky is getting dark which it is impossible to continue the another 2 final for each class.

Thanks for the kind support on the Brunei race.

Report by KS Chu

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