Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Max Concept LiPo Charger with discharger (up to 6A)

Max Concept has launched our own brand of LiPo Charger T6-Pro.

  • Balance Charger / Discharger
  • Digital display
  • Compatible with : LiOn / LiPo / Life 1-6 cells, NiCD / NiMH 1-15 cells
  • Charge Rate: 0.1 - 6A; 80W guarantees full 6A charge rate
  • Discharge Rate: 0.1-1A
  • Special features: Temp. Sensor, Auto Fan
  • Comes with power supply (7.5A)

Please contact us for further details.

1 comment:

  1. Lipo charger with discharger is new concept in the lipo charger. It's good idea for the customer. This concept use only for on upto 6A charger.



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