Saturday, February 4, 2012

KO Propo new series of high performance servo

KO Propo has launched the latest range of high performance servos.

BSX standard spec:
●TORQUE 20kg-cm/SPEED 0.06s/60Deg @ 7.4V
●TORQUE15kg-cm/SPEED 0.07s/60Deg @ 6.0V
●DIMENSION:41 × 37.5 × 20 mm

Aluminium upper casing for added strength.

New RSX One10: a new low profile high performance servo.
TORQUE 12kg-cm/SPEED 0.09s/60Deg @ 7.4V
●TORQUE 10kg-cm/SPEED 0.10s/60Deg @ 6.0V
●SIZE: 41 × 25.5 × 21 mm

Please contact us for details.

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