Friday, February 17, 2012

ROCHE products arrived.

Please contact us for details.
Roche Button Head Titanium Screws:-
BH-306 : M3x6mm, 10pcs
BH-308 : M3x8mm, 10pcs
BH-310 : M3x10mm, 10pcs

Yokomo BD5 option parts:
BD-04 : Carbon Steering Brace for BD5

Wing and Accessories:-
OP-005 : Carbon Wing Holder Plates

Creamic Ball Bearing (Rubber Seal) :-
CBB1510R : 10x15x4mm, 2 pcs
CBB105R : 5x10x4mm, 2 pcs 
CBB840R : 4x8x3mm, 2 pcs

Carbon Fan Protector:-
CFP-01 : 25mm Cooling Fan Plate
CFP-02 : 30mm Cooling Fan Plate

Roche Flat Head Titanium Screws:-
FH306 : M3 x 6mm, 10pcs
FH308 : M3 x 8mm, 10pcs

Yokomo BD5 option parts:
BD-02R : Heavy Duty Spring Steel and Lightweight Spool Cup for BD5

Wing and Accessories:-
OP-008 : 190mm High Down Force Rear Wing Set (clear colour)

Sensor Wire:
SC200S : 200mm 26GA Silicone Sensore Wire, Gold Connector

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