Thursday, March 1, 2012

Face-Worx decals are here

We have received new shipment of Face-Worx decals for drift body shells. These are great stuff to spice up that appearance.

FWD025 - Evil Black Star
FWD024 - Nakamura D-Max D1 Style
FWD023 - Driftsylvania Team 2010 D1 Style
FWD022 - Nomura 2010 D1 Style
FWD021 - JS Devil S2000
FWD020 - The Flying 86 Graphic
FWD019 - BiBi Graphic
FWD018 - FORD Focus 2010 Monster WRC Graphic
FWD017 - Saito Daigo 2010 D1 Drift Graphic
FWD016 - Team Samurai D1 Drift Graphic
FWD014 - BOSS D1 S15 Drift Graphic
FWD013 - Rockstar Formula Drift Graphic
FWD012 - StrikerS RX7 Graphic
FWD011 - Team Dragon (Need for Speed Drift) Graphic
FWD010 - MAX Power Graphic
FWD009 - HKS Racing Graphic
FWD008 - Ken Nmura 2009 D1 Graphic
FWD007 - Charge Speed Graphic
FWD006 - Kingdom of Warrions Graphic
FWD005 - Yashio Factory Graphic
FWD004 - Subaru DC Graphic
FWD003 - Yukes Kuma D1 Graphic
FWD002 - Toyo Tires D1 Graphic
FWD001 - Rotora Graphic

For pictures, please kindly proceed to this link.
Please contact us for more information.

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