Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Speed Passion accessories available now.

Please be informed that the following items are currently in stock.
SP-CBB138238 : Ceramic Ball Bearing
SP-CF25 : ESC Cooling Fan 25mm
SP-CF30 : ESC Cooling Fan 30mm
SP-W1201 : 12AWG Black Wire - 1meter
SP-W1202 : 12AWG Red Wire - 1meter
SP-W1203 : 12AWG Yellow/Orange/Blue Wires - 1meter each
SP-W1401 : 14AWG Black Wire - 1meter
SP-W1402 : 14AWG Red Wire - 1meter
SP-W1403 : 14AWG Yellow/Orange/Blue Wires - 1meter each
SP-ESCPB01 : Multi ESC Program Box
SP-162801 : 180mm Sensor Cable
SP-162803 : 250mm Sensor Cable
SP-162802 : 90mm Sensor Cable

Please contact us for more details.

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