Thursday, June 14, 2012

Arrival! Roche products

We have received new Roche items.

1.  4x8x3mm Ceramic Ball Bearing (2pcs)
2.  5x10x4mm Ceramic Ball Bearing (2pcs)
3.  10x15x4mm Ceramic Ball BBearing (2pcs)
4.  Sensor Wire 150mm
5.  ESC Cooling Fan Carbon Protector - 25mm
6.  ESC Cooling Fan Carbon Protector - 30mm
7.  M3x8mm Hex Butten Head Screw (10pcs)
8.  M3x6mm Hex Flat Head Screw (10pcs)
9.  M3x8mm Hex Flat Head Screw (10pcs)
10. M3x10mm Hex Flat Head Screw (10pcs)
11. Carbon Rear Wing Support with Screw (2pcs)

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