Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RCAC M-Chassis Endurance @ Titiwangsa Track

We are pleased to be a part of the Endurance race organized by RCAC.  Speed Passion Cirtix combo was the specified ESC combo which was used in "handout" for all the teams who participated in the race.

Event photos:

They have more than 10 teams participated in the race.  The top 5 teams are:

No.5 TEAM MELAKA (Adi,Amm and Amar)

No.4 TEAM 2STAR (Fairuz,Boy and Halim Hafni)

No.3 TEAM LORI BUAH (ILyas,Ismail and Khairil)

No.2 TEAM OREN YEAH-YEAH ( Zai,Wak and Wafi)

 Champion: TEAM 3A (Azam,Arin and Azhar)

And we have Haji Yusri, the Chairman of RCAC (the man in the black shirt), to give out the prizes to the winners. Congratulations to all the teams.

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