Monday, August 27, 2012

Revised rules for Pearl Point Track

After observations over the weekend, we have concluded that our track is not suitable for short course vehicles.  Therefore, we have revised the rules as follows:

1. No engine cars and flying models and 1/8 size RC cars.
2. Do not step on ramps/jumps.  Those are not designed for human weight.
3. No smoking.
4. Motors approved for the track:

Offroad Models:
2WD: up to 17.5R*
4WD: up to 13.5R*
Onroad Models:
Touring cars: up to 17.5R
M-Chassis, Mini 2WD/4WD, FF, Formula-1: up to 17.5R
Drift cars: no motor limit

Note*: Advanced timing / Turbo is allowed.
5. Customers are advised to take good care of their equipment during their patronage.  The management will not be responsible for any loss of items.

We recommend SS19 Planet Speedway for Short Course owners as they provide a much more suitable track for this purpose.  The track is located in SS19, Suabng Jaya. Thanks.

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