Thursday, September 6, 2012

T&E products arrived

New items:
 Vertex Variable Suspension Spring
For more information, please click here.
 Vertex Decoration Masking Sheet


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Back in stock:
VS290.12-94 : Vertex Suspension Spring, 8.5 rolls 94gf/mm     The Hardest
VS290.12-88 : Vertex Suspension Spring, 9 rolls 88gf/mm             ^
VS290.12-77 : Vertex Suspension Spring, 9.5 rolls 77gf/mm          |
VS290.12-75 : Vertex Suspension Spring, 10 rolls 75gf/mm          V 
VS290.12-72 : Vertex Suspension Spring, 10.5 rolls 72gf/mm   The Softest


RG-D-WH5 : ADVAN Racing RG-D White +5mm Offset


RS-D-WH5 : ADVAN Racing RS-D White +5mm Offset


VPCI-OR :  Carrying Box - Orange
VPCI-YL  :  Carrying Box – Yellow
Please contact us for details.

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