Friday, October 19, 2012

Futaba 4PKS Super R is in stock

System Overview

·         2.4GHz FASST system - the industry's most reliable RF link

·         40-model memory - allows up to 10 letters, numbers and symbols so that logical names may be used; model memory with different setups can be created using the model copy function

·         Menu customizing - lets you display the menu order and other functions for individual models

·         Digital trim w/reset - displays the current trim position on the LCD screen, while allowing for one step of operating amount to be adjusted with no effect on the maximum travel of the steering and throttle servos

·         Function select dial - assigns functions to the digital trim, grip dial and knob, and allows you to adjust the step amount and operating direction; eliminates trim positioning for each model because all dials are digital

·         Function select switch - lets you assign functions to three switches and set operating direction

·         MC-Link - sets the contents of the Link software for varying the frequency and other data changes of the Futaba speed control via PC

·         Edit button lock & trim/dial lock - prohibits the setting and operation of transmitter edit buttons, trim and dials

·         Changeable wheel and trigger location - wheel position can be offset using the included APA adapter; wheel angle and trigger can also be adjusted

·         Reversible hand operation - wheel section can be installed for left- or right-hand driving

·         Tension adjustment - tension of the steering wheel and throttle trigger springs can be adjusted from the outside

·         Mechanical ATL adjustment - lets you decrease the total travel of the brake side of the throttle trigger

·         Display switch - allows function setup without transmitting

·         Vibrating grip - can be used as a lap timer, up timer, navigation aid or low battery alert

·         7-color LED pilot lamp - select your favorite LED color

We have received the shipment. Please contact us for details.

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