Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ORCA Asia Cup 2012 photo set

We have concluded the ORCA Asia Cup 2012 which was held in KOTARAJA Track from 24th - 25th November 2012.  It was a fun-filled weekend with lots of serious racing.  We have received drivers from Sweden, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei who flew in all the way from their countries to join us in this event.  And our local boys from all parts of west Malaysia and from as far as east Malaysia also traveled here to participate in this most important event of Team ORCA.  We sincerely thank you for all your kind support.

Group photo taken on 25th Nov 2012

We had some rain problem on the 24th morning. It was raining since 4am and we were lucky that the rain stopped at about 11am.  Our working team immediately went around the track trying to dry the surface. The sun came out right on time to help the surface to dry up faster.  We managed to start our control practice at about 12pm ++.  With the BIG help from Thomas Tan from Nam Lee Hobby, we managed to squeeze 4 qualifying rounds on 24th, and 1 more qualifying round on 25th.  Thank you Big Brother! :-)

The weather on 25th was great and we managed to complete all the finals in time, and the dinner banquet sponsored by Team ORCA.  We thank Leonard Kee for helping out on 25th and he has added great FUN to the event by being the Emcee on that day.

We wish to take this opportunity to thanks our Sponsors: Team ORCA, RC Planet (Xray), Goodway Forever (Spec-R), Ride, Nam Lee Hobby and Yokomo.

13.5T Open Class 
1st Alexander Hagberg ORCA VX/ORCA TX-1/ORCA Infinite/Xray T4 (TQ)

2nd Jacky Siow ORCA VX/ORCA TX-1/ORCA Infinite/Xray T4
3rd Wong KokWai ORCA VX/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite/VBC WildFire
4th Chan ChauMan ORCA VX/ORCA TX-1/ORCA Infinite/Xray T4
5th Norazam Tamiya 417
6th Shahrin ORCA VX/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite/Yokomo BD7
7th Ken Ng Xray T4
8th Nilai Chong Spec-R R1
9th Azri Amri ORCA VX/ORCA TX-1/ORCA Infinite/Yokomo BD7
10th Haikal ORCA VX/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite/Xray T4

17.5T Non-Boost Novice Class

1st Amir KR ORCA VX/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite
2nd Adam KR ORCA Vritra MK2/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite
3rd Khairil ORCA VX/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite
4th Roslan 
5th Dominique Quek ORCA VX/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite
6th Ismail Ibrahim ORCA Vritra MK2/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite
7th Didie ORCA Vritra MK2/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite
8th Michael Lim
9th Thanet Singha ORCA VX/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite
10th Kristian Lai ORCA Vritra Mk2/ORCA RX-2/ORCA Infinite
Some pictures can be found here: RCtech and our Facebook Page.

Thanks again for your participation.

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