Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Special Notice: Explanation of Speed Passion MMM Motors

Dear Customers,
Lately, we received news from fellow customers who faced problem with Speed Passion MMM motors.  We would like to clarify the effect of MMM in comparison to other motors.

Out of the box, MMM motor comes with 15 Degree advanced timing.  The range of adjustment is between 11 Deg. to 20 Deg.  It is advisable to start with 11Deg, just to be on the conservative side.  It is also important to tune down ESC boost and timing setting.

Out of the box, Speed Passion Competition V 3.0 comes with 5 Degree advanced timing.  The range is from 0 Deg to 10 Deg.
ORCA TX motors come with 5 Deg advanced timing out of the box.  The range is adjustable from 0 Deg - 20Deg.
Under the Malaysian weather, we would like to advice customers and racers to monitor the temperature of your motor and ESC in order to find the best setting to suit the track and your driving style. 

Happy Racing!

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