Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ESC update for AllStar Speed Passion Championship 2013

Dear Drivers,

Please kindly take note of the approved ESC list update for the AllStar Speed Passion Championship 2013.

Reventon Stock Club Race ESC (Part# SP000048) is added to the approved list.  This is due to the CIRTIX Stock Club Race ESC has reached its end of life status. 

Both Cirtix Stock Club Race ESC and Reventon Stock Club Race ESC are approved for this series.  As tested by the organizer, both ESCs produce the same level of performance.

Statement from the Organizer:

With the support from Speed Passion, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Reventon Stock Club Race ESC to the participants of AllStar Speed Passion Championship 2013.

This offer is valid only for racers who had raced in either previous rounds or new racers who's interested in joining in the upcoming rounds and also currently own a unit of Cirtix Stock Club Race ESC. The new ESC would only be available through the organizer. To aid us in knowing the amount of ESC's needed to be ordered, we would like to request for people to signup their name who are interested in ordering it. (Closing date would be 30th May 2013)

The link to the signup page is located in Alternatively, you can also contact us directly so we can assist you on signing up for this offer.

We will also be bringing in the new Reventon Stock Club Race combo with SP Competition V3.0 17.5T motor.  It is expected to be in Malaysia by June.  Please contact us for details.

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