Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Speed Passion Brushless Motor series: approved for MNC 2013

We are pleased to share with drivers who are participating in MNC series that all Speed Passion brushless motors are APPROVED by ROAR (Remotely Operated Auto Racers), EFRA (European Federation of Radio Operated Model Automobiles) and IFMAR (International Federation of Model Auto Racing). As indicated in the R&R of MNC committee, all motors must be approved by R.O.A.R., EFRA, or IFMAR for use in 10.5T, 13.5T and 17.5t classes.  Our range of high performance brushless motors are sanctioned and approved for use in all these events.

The link to the motor approval page of ROAR can be found here: ROAR website

In general, EFRA doesn't have an approval procedures for motors (link here), but a list of motors that complies to the specification can be found HERE.

IFMAR approved list of brushless motors can be found HERE.

Speed Passion Competition V3.0 Brushless Motor
Speed Passion Competition 3.0 MMM Brushless Motor
Race with Speed Passion motors in full CONFIDENCE!

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