Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Speed Passion Reventon Pro ESC upgraded to ver. 1.1

Speed Passion has released an update to the very successful Reventon Pro ESC. The updated unit is named "Reventon Pro 1.1".

The new ESC has been in test and showed promising improvement to the brake and throttle response.  And it has shown lower operating temperature on the motor thus, increasing efficiency of the motor.

It is also the first brushless ESC that is made in Hong Kong within Speed Passion's own manufacturing facility.  Through this change, the factory can better manage the quality and consistency of the products.

LCD Program card is included as standard accessory.

The Reventon Pro 1.0 will continue to be in production.  The Reventon Pro 1.1 is offered towards racers demanding the best in technology and performance that help them in high level racing.

It is backed and supported by Hobby Haven.  The units are expected to arrived soon. Please contact us for details.

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