Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Much More products available

Dear Customers,
Please kindly find the newly arrived Much More products.

MR-LEDB : LED Light Stand Blue (DC12V)
MR-LEDK : LED Light Stand Black (DC12V)

MM-CTXWB : IC Controlled Tire Warmer (Marc Rheinard Ver – Blue)

MR-TW4 : Tire Warmer Larger Can Type for MM-CTXW

MR-PSB2 : Power Station Multi Distruibuter 2 with USB (Blue)
MR-PSK2 : Power Station Multi Distributer 2 with USB (Black)

MR-SHB : LED Light Setup Board (DC12V)

MR-TDB2 : Traction Compound Bottle (2pcs)

PT-CTXW : IC Controlled Tire Warmer (Black)

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