Friday, August 23, 2013

KO EX-1 K.I.Y. ver. 3 has arrived

Dear Customers,
We have received stocks of the new EX-1 ver. 3.

EX-1 KIY Ver.3 Highlights
  • Expert Grip 
  • Software in Ver.2 is utilized the expert grip with implementing the grip pad 2 for a new hold feeling.
  • Optimum feeling for the driver is offered with the new trigger enlargement for a more effective stroke and ergonomic design which allows for a high dimension of delicate throttle work.
  • There is no modification to the Master Unit software from Ver.2.
  • Customers with previous versions can use the expert grip unit or grip pad 2.
  • The 'Expert Grip' can be utilized with any of the current master units.

Please contact us for details.

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