Friday, January 10, 2014

Elangears AC/DC Mini chargers

The AC/DC Mini charger has arrived. It is an All-in-One charging system.
Operating Voltage: DC 11-16V / AC 100 - 240V (50/60Hz)
Output Port: Single
DC Charging Current: 0.1 - 12A (Max. 140W)
AC Charging Current: 0.1 - 7A (Max. 60W)
Discharging Current: 0.1 - 7A (Max. 60W)
DC Output Power: Max 7A (Max. 60W)
USB Port: 5V / 4A
Size: 135mm x 95mm x 80mm
Weight: 1100g
Features: Smart Charging Engine for LiPo Battery

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