Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Speed Passion products restocked!

Dear Customers, please kindly take note of the Speed Passion products that we have restocked.  Some of the items are out of stock for a while. Thank you for your support!

Motor Heatsink (Black / Blue / Orange / Red / Titanium)
Reventon Pro 1.1 (140A) Sensored ESC  (Metal Black Version)
Reventon-R (70A) Sensored ESC (Blue / Silver)
MMM series Brushless Motor (3.3R / 4.5R / 10.5R / 17.5R)
Comp. V3.0 Brushless Motor (4.5R / 5.5R / 6.5R / 7.5R / 8.5R / 9.5R / 10.5R / 13.5R / 17.5R)

V3.0 Drift Spec Brushless Motor (10.5R)

High Speed ESC Cooling Fan (25mm / 30mm) 

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