Friday, October 10, 2014

Statement of Support from Hobby Haven on Speed Passion Reventon Stock Club Race

First of all, we apologize to our customers for the mis-alignment of the wording “STOCK CLUB RACE” on some units from the latest batch of Blue edition Speed Passion Reventon Stock Club Race ESC.  We thank our customer on sharing his unpleasant experience with us on RC M-Chassis Malaysia group on Facebook.  We are grateful for our customers who share their experience, both good and bad, with us as knowing where we have gone wrong will help us to improve.  And if it is a kind comment, it is like an encouraging word for job well done. :)

For this particular case, we would offer an exchange for another unit.  Please kindly proceed to visit our dealer with whom you have bought the unit from.  We will update them on the procedure.  Although it is not performance related, we feel it is important to keep our customers happy with our products as much as we can.

The Blue edition was released because of the urgency of the situation as the Reventon Stock Club Race esc is sanctioned for race events in Malaysia.  The factory understood our situation and they had rushed out this lot to us in Malaysia before anyone else receive theirs.  The back order runs into thousands of units for this ESC.  The Speed Passion Reventon Stock Club Race is probably the most successful ESC range offered by Speed Passion. It is sanctioned in many events all around the world because it promotes fair and tweak-free competitions among the club racers. Manufacturing process was perhaps a little rushed but we are grateful for the support from the factory.  


Speed Passion carries product warranty for all their products which includes ESC, motors, accessories and etc.  As a distributor, Hobby Haven carries the responsibility on behalf of the factory to carry out after sale services.  Through the strong support from Speed Passion factory, we managed the warranty program successfully in Malaysia since 2012.  It is probably one of the favorite brands of ESC combo for RC players of all levels.  

Since 1997, we have always stood behind our products and supported our customers.  We take this opportunity to thank our customers and race organizers for your kind support.  We will continue to strive to improve and serve you better.  

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