Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sanwa SUPER VORTEX TYPE-D ESC in stock now

It is available from Hobby Haven, with official channel and support from distributor.

●Back cancel function
●Boost Zero displaying function
●SSR/SHR/NOR automated recognition & displaying
●8 program mode equipped
 ・Throttle response (new function)
 ・Neutral Brake rate
 ・Drive feel
 ・Neutral Brake feel
 ・Brake feel
 ・Boost timing (Advanced timing)
 ・Turbo / Revolution limiter ( New function )
 ・Power mode / Active throttle ( New function )
●SSL function

●Revolution limiter function just like real car! Revolution limiter is actives when motor is reached to the set RPM and you can get more realistic by its distinctive sound.
●Compete by Slide control!SANWA unique function " Active Throtlle " allows you to control the wheel spin finely and achieve the slide control in high level when you drift.
●Throttle responce achieve high-stablilty even at low speed rotation! Throttle response that can be adjusted from TX in 100 step is smooth in operation that allow you to drive just as you wanted.

Please contact us for details. Special offer will be provided.

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