Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

It has come to the end of 2014.  Now, together, we are witnessing the start of a new year.

It was an eventful 2014 in which we witnessed the launch of BD7-2015 and Team YOKOMO winning the Worlds in the recent IFMAR Touring Championship which was held in Florida, USA.

We had a wonderful Bagi Special Round which was held in April. With the fantastic support from our friends around the region, we gathered about 130++ participants. And thanks to our dear Bagi san, Takaihro san and Masami san for joining us for the great time.  And we thank our partners for launching Pre-YIDM in their respective area to promote RC Drift in the region.

We have lost some Dear friends in the same year. I guess that is part of life and they will continue to live on in our memory.

We wish our Readers and Friends a great and prosperous year ahead. Thanks for your support!


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