Saturday, June 2, 2018


Dear Customers and Friends

We have been quiet for a while.  Many things had happened and we were forced into situations that we didn't prepare for.  We have been operating for 21 years since 1997 and we thought we had experienced the Ups and Downs in business trends and product cycles.  But in the last few months, we had to make many changes and adjustments.  We had to move to a new location within a very short notice, business dropping like flies, back-stabbing from so-called "friends", ending of YIDM series, relinquishing of area distribution rights, etc.  However, we have managed to adjust ourselves to all these situations and move on.  And we have decided to make a big leap into a new direction.

We are pleased to announce our ONLINE STORE.

Official Web Link is 

This will the preferred sale channel to promote all our products which include Yokomo, AKA Racing, T Works, Speed Passion, G-Force, Lee Speed Racing, etc.  This online store is in addition to our existing store in the Malaysian Lazada.  We will continue to update all items that we have in our inventory, and that is a huge number that exceed 2000 items.  We welcome inquiry from local as well as overseas customers as we will ship both domestically and overseas. Please bear with us for the meantime as we are updating the quirks of shipping with our logistics partners.

We thank you for your support throughout those years and we hope the new online store will further enhance the reach of our products to more people.

Last but not least, Hobby Haven is the ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL Team YOKOMO Malaysia...... since 1997.  Cheers.

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