Friday, August 20, 2021

New High Traction Chassis for YD-2SXIII

  This is a worthwhile product.  After years of generic development of the popular YD-2 platform, we are finally seeing an interesting chassis design.  This gets us excited.  

The strength in YOKOMO design has always been the chassis.  The fine tuning and controlled flex in YOKOMO chassis design is unparalleled.  This time, they have really put in the YOKOMO spirit in this new design.  Judging by the picture, we can expect huge improvement in the rear traction which is crucial for launching speed of RWD.  This is an exciting development.

We will be stocking up on this chassis because we believe this will be in high demand and the SINGLE most important option for every serious YD-2SXIII owners.

Please contact us for more details.

Part Number: YS-002SMG

Description: Graphite High Traction Main Chassis for YD-2SXIII

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